Who We Are

IES is a professional energy services and projects consulting firm tailored to help Africa discover the right position for her energy sector and occupy their space in global renewable energy investment. IES’ solutions focused mainly on administration of technologies, innovative business and financing model, and modern risk management mechanisms towards improved energy access via successful deployment of renewable energy & clean technologies, storage, energy efficiency, electric mobility, biomass/biofuel products, demand side management, waste management, and data management.

Despite that African region is well endowed with renewable energy resources, shortage of general know-how (poor bankable projects development, inadequate market information, deficient innovative financing techniques, and meagre international collaboration skills) continue to hinder the region from receiving fair share of renewable energy investment. Global status report revealed that Africa and Middle East region received the lowest share of global spending on renewable energy between 2000 and 2019 with annual average of 3%, while other regions got at least 10 times each during the same period.

New solution is required to be delivered by highly skilled and well informed professionals to boost Africa’s share of global renewable energy technologies and investments to achieve security of clean-energy supply for her present socio-economic demand in the current era of digitalization, decentralization, changing and complex fast-paced global energy environment. IES presents a vastly motivated and seasoned professional service with landmark achievements and proficiency that transcend economic, technical and legal barriers confronting renewable energy investment, project development and implementation in Africa. Our services are in the right position to help West African countries’ energy sector to discover and occupy their right position in global transition to renewable energy sources.

IES’ energy solutions focused mainly on administration of technologies (towards improved energy access via successful deployment of renewable energy technologies, storage, energy efficiency, electric mobility, and data management. We also help clients resolve issue relating to global and national regulations reforms, program deployment strategies, energy transition, project development, business models, financing and risk management, and R&D, capacity development, private sector development, and other sustainable energy promotion strategies in accordance with UNFCCC, Paris Agreement, and GCF agenda for financing climate mitigation and adaptation projects.

IES Vision

To become leading energy service provider that helps African discover and occupy her right position in global energy investments and technology deployment.

IES Mission

Matching prospective renewable energy opportunities with appropriate technologies, business model, financing and risk mechanism, incentive programs, and policy framework to guarantee project bankability, avoid budget overrun, and ensure implementation success.

IES Fills The Gaps

  • Shortage of bankable projects
  • Poor project development
  • Inappropriate deal structuring
  • Insufficient market information
  • Inadequate stakeholders’ management
  • Poor market/customer enablement mechanisms
  • Shortage of skilled personnel

Service Excellence Policy

We are guided by the conviction that experience services driven by well-articulated rules will incrementally add values to all stakeholders.

Our Strengths

  • Global Partnership: higher opportunity to partner with huge number of government agencies, NGOs, trade and religion societies, professional institution, cooperative societies and energy carriers, and financial
  • Skilled personnel with flexible management structure, and work environments
  • Stakeholders’ objectives and requirements management
  • Innovation management proficiency
  • Excellent energy contracts formation and negotiation (difficult dialog management)
  • Proficiency in customer satisfaction by matching prospective renewable projects with adequate business model, financial mechanism, and incentive programs.
  • Skillful in modern financing techniques
  • Good understanding of energy product
  • Adequate Electricity Market Analysis
  • Superior Electricity Portfolio Management

Who Needs IES Services?

Achieving security of electricity supply that is both sustainability and affordability is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders. Thus, IES administers its services to meet the needs of the following users:

  • Public Institutions
  • Policy makers and regulators
  • Municipals
  • Local communities and regions
  • Industrial and commercial users
  • Household consumers
  • Energy sector undertakers
  • Financial institution
  • Institutional and private investors
  • NGOs
  • Estate developers and facility manager
  • Project developers
  • Contractors and suppliers
  • Technologies & Components manufacturers